Design & Engineering

Pharmaceutical Water Purification

H2O Solutions engineering team works directly with you from the early design stage through fabrication, installation and start-up to ensure all requirements meet or exceed the client’s water quality standards. Whether you need a small, under the counter deionized water system or a central manufacturing system with distribution piping loop and multiple use points, our engineering team can design the system to best suit your specific requirements.

In addition, our team can offer upgrade assistance as your needs grow. Put our expertise in mechanical/electrical engineering, AutoCAD and controls to use in designing a system to meet your needs.

Water System Design & Engineering


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24/7 Emergency Service

H2O Solutions, Inc. provides fast, efficient, reliable service for the times when unexpected problems cause system down time or degraded performance. Our technicians can troubleshoot the problem and get your equipment back to operating at peak performance in minimal time.

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