Water Regeneration Solutions

H2O Solutions owns and operates a Resin Regeneration Plant at our facility in Telford, PA. Because of our clientele, we only regenerate resin that has been used to treat potable water sources. We regenerate in small twenty cubic foot batches and utilize our own high purity water system in the rinsing of these resins.

As a result of our proprietary resin regeneration procedures, we are able to return the resin to a pristine condition which allows us to attain the highest quality and capacities in the industry. Every batch of resin is tested for quality and capacity before release to the customer. H2O Solutions also offers unique regeneration services for our customers; dedicated tanks/resins and certified regenerations! Dedicated tanks and resins means that the tanks and resins are dedicated to this customer for use in their facility only. They are labeled for this customer and are not utilized for any other customers. This provides the customer with the peace of mind that their tanks and resins are strictly used for their application and were not previously used for other purposes.

Certified regenerations provide the customer with detailed, certified documents of their resin through the regeneration process. Each batch of resin is accompanied with a certified document detailing the resin performance. We encourage customer visits to observe and tour our regeneration facility.

Water Regeneration Solutions
Water Regeneration Solutions


200 Emlen Way,
Telford, PA 18969


24/7 Emergency Service

H2O Solutions, Inc. provides fast, efficient, reliable service for the times when unexpected problems cause system down time or degraded performance. Our technicians can troubleshoot the problem and get your equipment back to operating at peak performance in minimal time.

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